21.01.06: Fresh Blood
  Ok, so since the last two or three corpses done on Xltronic stalled, and there suddenly is a new source of awesome talent, I got together some fresh blood for this one. It turned out awesomely good, so check it out!

15.08.05: The sounds of kitchen
  This time the limitations were that we couldn't use "real" instruments (including computers, except for the mixing), so people had a go at beatboxing and banging on stuff.. played some glass and, well... the results are up at the finished tracks page!

12.07.05: Another nice one!
  The project continues and the results are as unexpected as ever, and the surprise is still a good one! EC Number Nine is uploaded and presented on the finished tracks page!

17.06.05: First one in a while
  Been a while since the last one, but there is on in between this one and the last one that hasn't really been finished. Lost in the mix somewhere. If it finishes I'll upload that too, but we'll see what happens. Anyway, this track is up, so check it out! It's one of the best corpses I've heard! People seem to have had the same ideas or whatever!

16.04.05: 6corpses
  This one was done quite quickly.. only the mix was done the day after it was started, but it has been quite a hassle uploading it. It may not even be up as this is written, but it will be up in a while, so check back. I've updated the page already just to get it done...

02.04.05: 13and3: another doomed one
  This is the second track that's spanned a few days, and the second where the artists have been hard to come by... Anyway, it once again, turned out pretty damned good! Give it a listen!

07.03.05: The doomed corpse
  It's now 18:46 on the third or fourth-ish day of this corpse (it started Friday). This is the first one that took more than one night/a few hours to make, and I now know that starting corpses on friday afternoons is bad (Wednesdays seem to be the best days)... First of all the process of getting enough artists to do everything suffered for about one and a half day, and secondly people weren't always online at the same time... This track will be featured in two versions, one mixed by i_x_ten and one mixed by Dannn_.

17.02.05: Track 3 done
  It's now 03:17. Third track in the project is done, and a pattern of artists who are interested in participating is emerging. We'll try to keep diversity in there as much as possible, but when the track has started, we'll all want to finish it within a few hours and go to sleep afterwards anyway.. maybe one of these should be done earlier in the day? Anyway... You can find it at the finished tracks page.

03.01.05: Track 2 done
  It's now 04:45, and the second track for Exquisite Corpse is done. I'm trying to upload it as this is being written, but the line is bugging up again. Anyway, I've checked it out, and it's definately worth a listen. You can find it at the finished tracks page.

25.01.05: Finished the page
  The design for the page is finished. The content is harder to figure out, though. Lots of trouble with cross-browser compatible mouseovers with css, but I finally got it working right even in IE (except for the blur/unblur on the paragraphs, that is)! Well, well.. I guess it's on to the php code now. Why am I telling you this? Because this is a paragraph-test, and I need lots of text and links. Maybe I overdid it on the mouseovers, but...